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Photo by Gavin Li 

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen (b. 1990) is a Taiwanese artist residing in Taipei after a 10 year stint in EU/UK, and is currently one of the artists-in-residence at New Taipei City’s Banqiao 435 Art District.  Jazz' art career debut was in 2007, with a solo exhibition named “Karnival” in the Sincewell Gallery (Kaohsiung, Taiwan). Since then, Jazz has been consistently exhibiting in both Taiwan and the United Kingdom every year, with her commission for London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing permanently on show since 2015. Her latest solo show was in April 2017, at Yiri Arts Gallery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  A few of her most recent collaborative projects’ with Houndstooth, London’s Fabric Club’s house record label, on their 2018 critically-acclaimed compilation “In Death’s Dream Kingdom” and Berlin-based Irish musician Eomac on his “Reconnect” album cover.

She graduated from Central Saint Martin's BA Fine Art course in 2013, and MA Art & Science in 2015.

Jazz’s subjects of focus span over her interest in the beauty and grotesque within the field of anatomy/medical historical imageries, to Chinese mythologies and folklore such as “Classics of Mountains and Seas.” She manipulates the dissected anatomical imageries and creates tableaus with mythological monsters and botanical details. The tableaus are meant to tell stories regarding the cultural clashes, her views on superstition, reflections from her Taiwanese roots, and they also function as social commentaries on the currently turbulent contemporary society.


於倫敦藝術大學中央聖馬丁學院求學期間,以硬筆繪畫、銅版蝕刻版畫構築西方解剖醫學、東方歷史神話等領域的視覺意象。陳思穎從《山海經》裡頭遇見一個美麗的國度,「怪物」一詞看似醜陋卻美得令人發慌,美醜之間的題材選定即是對於「生殖」 進入「生命」的思辨,一個令她激情的巔峰,她以吞噬野蠻的力道,反芻餵養著觀者的心靈,她將她那根植於台灣的靈魂,用以面對眼前的各類迷信、文化衝擊,為無色作品納入更多省思的有色細節。陳思穎從過往經典中萃取出現代語彙,編寫符號,如實反映當代現狀,劃開既定印象的隔閡,診斷著、窺探著所探尋的真象。

藝術展覽生涯正式始於2007年於高雄新思維畫廊的個展 “Karnival”,自此,陳思穎展開每年定期的展出活動於台灣、英國兩地。於2015年與倫敦 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing成為長期合作夥伴。2017年於伊日藝術高雄空間展出個展 “山海種族”。2018年與倫敦唱片公司Fabric / Houndstooth合作其所備受好評的專輯“In Death’s Dream Kingdom” 封面,以及與愛爾蘭籍電音創作者Eomac 合作黑膠專輯“Reconnect” 封面,嘗試以醫學、音樂等全方位的呈現形式將她的意念滲透進這波濤洶湧的當代社會之中。
[文 / 黃琳軒]


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